Our Solutions

  • Automatic Electronic Seals

    Electronic Cargo Tracking System and Solution, Intermodal Real-time Container Tracking and Rail Car Transport Security Tracking System for End-to-End Supply Chain Security System and Tracking Solution…
  • Machine to Machine Applications

    With superior coverage in Kenya, M2M offers you real-time control over costs and equipment in half the time.…

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Our services

  • Fleet Management

    We are not a one-size-fits all business. We work with large, medium and small companies to create customized solutions that meet your fleet needs. Whether you’re in sales, service or delivery, leasing trucks, cars, or alternative fuel vehicles, we’ll work with you to help you optimize your fleet.

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Recommended for mid & large size Transports & Logistics companies. The world is in constant motion, just like us: we are driven by the visions of our customers. This enables us to continuously develop ....